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Sabudana vada

Sabudana vada

Sabudana vada recipe will guide you how to make sabudana vada in 3 easy ways.

Sabudana vada is very popular during vrat ka khana or navratri food.

As always I will provide complete measurements and steps to make these.

You can make 3 Easy snack with the same recipe. Sabudana vada ,crunchy medu vada and vrat wali katori chat or tokri chat.

Try these super cool and Easy recipes and share your comments in the comment section.If you have any query regarding the recipe please feel free to ask through your comments.

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Easy Sabudana Vada Recipe


How to make Easy Sabudana Vada

  1. Step-1

    Wash and soak sabudana in equal amount of water for three to four hours .

  2. Step-2

    Dry roasted peanuts on medium flame, let it cool and grind to a coarse powder .

  3. Step-3

    In a big mixing bowl take soaked sabudana, boiled potatoes ,peanut powder, salt green chillies,coriander leaves, cumin seed and lemon juice .

  4. Step-4

    mash and mix it well to form a dough.

  5. Step-5

    Shape the vada between hands and deep fry in hot oil.

  6. Step-6

    To make katori chat grease an appe pan with oil or ghee and press the mixture in to the cavity to make katori shape

  7. Step-7

    Cover and cook for 3-4 min on medium heat.add little more ghee or oil to make it crisp .

  8. Step-8

    Remove when crisp and golden.Let it cool a bit and serve with curd cucumber and fresh coriander.





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