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Gobi Masala
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Gobi Masala | Aloo Gobi Masala

Gobi Masala is an easy and tasty Indian cauliflower recipe prepared in most of Indian parties or restaurants. It is sometimes called as Masala Gobhi or Gobi Masala or even Aloo Ghobi Masala.

This is a lip smacking Cauliflower recipe cooked with Indian spices.

Gobi masala recipe which I am sharing today is a dryer version.

It accompanies well with chapatis or parathas.

Cauliflower itself tastes delicious when cooked with the spices and masala.

This masala coats the ghobi really well giving the tangy and spicy flavour in every bite. If you want little gravy you can add little water too before adding the fried potato and cauliflower.

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