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EASY Amla Beetroot Jam
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EASY Amla Beetroot Jam

This recipe is a healthy homemade amla (Indian gooseberry) and beetroot jam recipe is not only tasty but also very nutritious and really easy to make.This is prepared without any artificial colour or flavours and it stays good for up to 2 -3 months in the refrigerator.

As we all know amla is highly nutritious and have many health benefits and so is beetroot. But making kids to eat amla is next to impossible .That is why this idea came in my mind so that we can take benefit of these two superfoods in very interesting way that kids will also love. This way you can not only enjoy the benefits of these but also preserve it, as it is available for a short period of time.

Beetroot contains iron which helps improve the haemoglobin and to absorb iron in our body we need vitamin C which is abundant in amla so this is a perfect combo recipe. Apart from this amla also contain calcium, vitamin B5 and B6, copper,iron, Manganese and Potassium. It is the most powerful rejuvenating agent. It boosts immune system and helps prevent cancer and diabetes. Amla helps strengthen the liver thus improve appetite and purify the blood. It nourishes the mind, improves memory power and enhances intelligence.Amla and Beetroot both contain antioxidant properties so it help protect our brain and fight aging ,are very good for our heart, skin and hair.

So lets have a look at the recipe..

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EASY Amla Beetroot Jam Recipe

  • 10-12 Amla (around 400 gms)
  • 1 small pear or apple peeled and chopped (optional)
  • one large beetroot peeled and grated
  • lemon juice 1 tbs
  • sugar 500 grams

How to make EASY Amla Beetroot Jam

  1. Step-1

    1. In a pan add amla,pear and beetroot,add 3-4 tbsp of water,cover and cook for 5 to 7 minute on low to medium heat or until the amlas are cooked and tender.

  2. Step-2

    2. Open the lid and let the mixture cool slightly. Separate the seeds from the amla and transfer the mixture to a mixer Jar. Add sugar and blend it to a smooth paste, add water if required.

  3. Step-3

    3. Transfer the paste in the same pan and cook on medium heat stirring continuously.

  4. Step-4

    4. Add a tablespoon of lime juice.

  5. Step-5

    5. The mixture should start thickening and the big bubbles starts to appear. To check the consistency take small portion in a plate and tilt it if the jam is not leaving any water and is not flowy it is ready. Switch off the flame and let it cool slightly.

  6. Step-6

    6. Transfer the jam do a sterilised jar while it is hot.

  7. Step-7

    7. Once cool keep in refrigerater.You can enjoy this up to 2 -3 months without ant preservative as the sugar in it preserves it.



  • When picking the Amla(goose berries) try to pick the larger ones.
  • Use minimal water to grind the mixture, it saves the cooking time.You can grind the mixture without adding sugar to eat and add the sugar later. But sugar helps to minimise the water used in grinding as it releases moisture .
  • If the big bubbles are bothering you, you may cover and cook it on low flame.
  • Do not overcook the jam otherwise it would not be spreadable .
  • Amount of sugar you need may vary due to the sourness in the variety of amla you use.
  • Though you can skip adding the apple or pear but adding these provides natural pectin.
  • It is advised to store the jam in a sterilised jar to increase the shelf life.


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